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Mike Watson wrote:
> If there is anyone who built the STANDARD ELITE, and placed the front and
> rear seats
> exactly as suggested in the plans, I would appreciate the following weight
> and balance
>  information for comparison.
> N10MW           YOURS
> SUMP TANK                                                   144.0
> MAIN FUEL TANKS                                      123.7 ?
> PILOT/Co-PILOT                                              84.5
> PASSENGERS(rear)                                    115.5
> WING STRAKE(baggage area )              108.0
> Sump tank Arm was measured to the center (width) of the tank.
>                                 |   /
> Arm of seats was taken at the point where the seat(bottom) meets the seat
> back.  ____\//
> Wing Strake Arm is assumed to be at the mid length wise position.??
> Thanks in advance.
> Mike Watson
> Velocity  Elite RG


I've already mounted leather seats in a STD RGE Elite. I haven't done
the W&B. I am not going to change the rear seat postitions. W&B balance
depends on many things. 

Carl Hoffman, N1QR

PS, I don't think we need to be "High Tech" here. PLEASE, just my