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Be carfull about measuring where the seats and tanks rest in regards to moment
arms.  The only true way to get any station point,is to start with a good/real
empty weight and moment by weighing measuring the weighing points (wheels)
moment from what ever reference point (tip of nose) you want to use.  With
that in hand, and the scales still in place, put your butt (weigh first) in
the front seat and weigh the whole thing again.  Subtract the new W/B from the
empty W/B, both weight and moment.  The difference will be your weight (butt),
and the remainder of the moment, will be the moment for that point (pilot
seat).  Divide your weight into the remainder moment, and you will have the
inch point for that station.  Put some baggage in the strakes, and repeat the
same.  Climb in the back seat and do it again.  Do the same with the fuel.  Do
the fuel last, as you want to start each test with the plane empty.  This is
the only way to get a real station for each point; I think!