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Re: REFLECTOR: Nose gear guide

  That sounds like it would have a lot of benefits. There is a good size gap
where the gear goes under the canard bulkhead, and the cutout also extends
aft of the bulkhead. You might need a panel inside the console aft of the
joystick to seal that all off. My battery box extends into the door cutout
area so you might want to decide on what you'll be using for battery
dimensions and placement.   -Bill

prototype 'Super' Chipmunk N18EF
Velocity Classic RG N6098S in the works

>I haven't got as far as building the fuse, but if one were to take Dave's
>and make the box big enough to fully enclose the gear with a removeable top
>panel, would this help keep airflow out of the interior of the pass
>compartment? The top panel could also be a nifty tool tray when working in
>Any reason as to why this couldn't be done? Space? Interference with other
>components? Not needed as the gear bulkhead already seals the area?
>Dale Alexander
>173 RGE
>DMO 404