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Re: REFLECTOR: Nose gear guide

DAlexan424@aol.com wrote:

> I haven't got as far as building the fuse, but if one were to take Dave's idea
> and make the box big enough to fully enclose the gear with a removeable top
> panel, would this help keep airflow out of the interior of the pass
> compartment? The top panel could also be a nifty tool tray when working in the
> area.
> Any reason as to why this couldn't be done? Space? Interference with other
> components? Not needed as the gear bulkhead already seals the area?

I like it! Sounds like a viable idea to me. 

I built side guides, but did not enclose the gear well. I did install a
bulkhead between the interior leading edge of the canard and the top of the
fuselage. This seals the cabin off from nosewheel airflow. Something is
definitely needed to prevent the strong breeze you'd otherwise have when the
gear is down.

Your idea may be better. It would keep mud, ice, and animals completely out of
the nose, and solve two problems at once. The hard part will be to design the
nosewheel box to fit in the available space. It would be best if the Factory
designed a molded part for this purpose.

Dave Black,
SW RG Classic (TopDoor)