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Re: REFLECTOR: Nose gear guide

In a message dated 10/1/98 12:55:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
asterisk@erols.com writes:

> > Oh yea, you ask about "stuck up" nose gears.  ...When the plane finally
> home the 
>  > nose gear axle got stuck on the top edge of the guide. The axle had been 
> repositioned 
>  > to one side sticking out slightly and adjusted so it retracted a little 
> higher.
>  Sounds like the guides were too short. Mine extend a good deal higher than 
> the
>  axle could ever go. 
I haven't got as far as building the fuse, but if one were to take Dave's idea
and make the box big enough to fully enclose the gear with a removeable top
panel, would this help keep airflow out of the interior of the pass
compartment? The top panel could also be a nifty tool tray when working in the

Any reason as to why this couldn't be done? Space? Interference with other
components? Not needed as the gear bulkhead already seals the area?

Dale Alexander
173 RGE
DMO 404