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Re: REFLECTOR: Nose gear guide

Dave Black wrote:
> Alan,
> > Hi Dave how's life in the political town?  Over seas they think this thing about
> > Clinton's fling is like our Salem witch trials.  They say if somebody is to be
> > impeached it should be Starr and if someone is a criminal it is Linda Trip.  How's
> > that for an opinion?
Congress in, 
> Washington, DC is totally crazy. But the fact that this particular witch hunt
> is politically motivated does not alter the fact that to Clinton, "truth" is
> whatever he says it is at the moment. Now he's taking credit for the balanced
> budget he fought so hard to defeat.

Ken Starr just spent > $50,000.000.10 looking for the "truth", I wounder
how much more he and congress are going to spend? 

> > Oh yea, you ask about "stuck up" nose gears.  ...When the plane finally got home the
> Sounds like the guides were too short. Mine extend a good deal higher than the
> axle could ever go.

Mine to!
> a big back seat. I hope to return to the project very soon, and have about
> four months' build time remaining. Then I'll take a "victory lap" to Florida.
> Best,
> Dave Black
> SW RG Classic (TopDoor)


I hope to return to the project when my engine arrives this month. I
won't be able to finish it in four months. Can I have a ride to Florida?

Carl Hoffman, Class Wing RG (2 Door) Classic Winglets