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Re: REFLECTOR: Nose gear guide

Mark Machado wrote:

> Alan:
> This is disgusting!  Let me set you straight.

Sorry, I shouldn't have repeated second hand info that a worker told me.  Plus I
did not mean to imply nor did I know who was supposed to have worked on exactly
what when.  I thought the message was supposed to just go back to one close friend
in private.

Sorry again did not mean to point any fingers and I should just learn to keep my
big mouth shut.   Got lots of work to do any way.

I know you have been working hard.  These airpains can be just that at times.
We are all anxious to here how your work with the XL V-8, new IVO and Whirlwind
Prop is coming.  It is important R&D that the factory needs to do but take your
time and be careful.