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Re: REFLECTOR: Nose gear guide


> Hi Dave how's life in the political town?  Over seas they think this thing about
> Clinton's fling is like our Salem witch trials.  They say if somebody is to be
> impeached it should be Starr and if someone is a criminal it is Linda Trip.  How's
> that for an opinion?

Washington, DC is totally crazy. But the fact that this particular witch hunt
is politically motivated does not alter the fact that to Clinton, "truth" is
whatever he says it is at the moment. Now he's taking credit for the balanced
budget he fought so hard to defeat.

> Oh yea, you ask about "stuck up" nose gears.  ...When the plane finally got home the 
> nose gear axle got stuck on the top edge of the guide. The axle had been repositioned 
> to one side sticking out slightly and adjusted so it retracted a little higher.

Sounds like the guides were too short. Mine extend a good deal higher than the
axle could ever go. 

> >  Classic (TopDoor) 
> If you ask me this door provides the best access and interior room.

Always glad to hear good things about the Classic model, because that's what
I'm building, and I'm sticking with it. It certainly makes for easy access to
a big back seat. I hope to return to the project very soon, and have about
four months' build time remaining. Then I'll take a "victory lap" to Florida. 

Dave Black
SW RG Classic (TopDoor)