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Re: REFLECTOR: Nose gear guide

Dave Black wrote:

> > We know of at least one nose gear up landing where the guide was a
> > contributing factor.
> I have not heard of this. Can you give details?

Hi Dave how's life in the political town?  Over seas they think this thing about
Clinton's fling is like our Salem witch trials.  They say if somebody is to be
impeached it should be Starr and if someone is a criminal it is Linda Trip.  How's
that for an opinion?

Oh yea, you ask about "stuck up" nose gears.  SSSSH, when the factory XL was in
California just before Oskosh the westerners made some adjustments.  When the
plane finally got home the nose gear axle got stuck on the top edge of the guide.
The axle had been repositioned to one side sticking out slightly and adjusted so
it retracted a little higher.
The Swings got to spend a few days on there backs fixing.  Scott jokingly ask me
one day if I wanted to help I said no I had already fixed one like that.... the
original prototype and that one time was enough.  The prototype had a different
gizmo and the fix was to make it fixed.

>  Classic (TopDoor)

If you ask me this door provides the best access and interior room.