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Re: REFLECTOR: Nose gear guide

Dave Black wrote:
> Al Gietzen wrote:
> >
> > Just wondered if I was missing something here.  I see the "Nose Gear Guide"
> > as a KPC in the latest Velocity Views. With the nose wheel pivot drag
> way the pilot can get the nose gear to lower.
> > We know of at least one nose gear up landing where the guide was a
> > contributing factor.
> I have not heard of this. Can you give details?
> Dave Black
> SW RG Classic (TopDoor)


Scott mentions an "incident" wich happened recently to their XL on page
6 of VV. They then got a chance to try out the new molded nose gear
doors. Their guides were to short. The wheel got hung up by an axle
removal bolt which had been left in.

Carl Hoffman, Classic wing, winglets, rudder, and low winglets.