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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel Porting Engine Out Landing

Rich & Lisa Maurer wrote:
> Greg,
> Congrads on your use of excellent judgment and overall superb airmanship!
> A few questions:  How much fuel did you have in the pilot side tank when
> your engine died?  How much fuel was there in the header tank?  If there
> was any, which it sounds like there might have been from your story, how
> did the engine die from fuel starvation?
> Enquiring minds want to know.
> Rich Maurer
> 2 dr rg
> > I checked the fuel caps to see that they had a good seal (rubber O rings
> > were lubricated and not dried out) and they were fine.  Joe (Doc) Connally
> > and I worked a .032 safety wire up both tanks vents and on the tank that
> > didn't drain, there was a crunchy sound about 5 inches up the tube.  I
> > worked thru it and pulled the wire out and there was crap on it.  Then,
> Doc
> > blew on the tank opening while I watched the tube and out came a spurt of
> > what looked like dirt.  Voila, the culprit was identified.  You know I
> blew
> >
> >
> >
The fuel venting on a Velocity has been changed since DMO150.

Carl Hoffman