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[Fwd: Re: REFLECTOR: Attaching Winglets.]


I hope you don't mind if I just FORWARD it.

Carl Hoffman

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Carl Hoffman wrote:

> I spent over 100 hours AFTER my winglets were filled, sanded and primed,
> cutting off the rudders,

Sorry I assumed you implied that the cutting was done before the filling.  At any rate it
never hurts to let the newbees know.  Even if the rudders are cut after the filling we
used to have problem with flaring at the edge from the sanding and glassing inside the
well which required more re-contouring.  Now a days we glass the wells at the same time
as the skins so it all stays put.

> removing foam, doing the layups, putting in
> hinges, springs, and cables, and more filling, sanding and priming.
> It took me 35 hours to install your ailerons. They fit fine.

Great, glad to hear that.  A lot of the time we would fit them flush on the top and they
hang out a little on the bottom.  I think yours came out of the second generation aileron
molds and usually fit.  Our new third generation ailerons molds fit out wings all the
time now.

October is the best month of the year to fly.    Too bad we are usually working!

Alan Shaw

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