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Re: REFLECTOR: CS Spar alignment

Venky's Velocity Hangar wrote:
> Not sure if my plane gets up and does a cha-cha at night when no one is
> looking but I have suddenly discovered a discrepancy in the distance from
> the nose reference hole to the ends of the center section spar of 3/8"
> (i.e., the right has to be brought 3/16" closer) which as far as I know did
> not exist when it was first glued. At first I thought I was measuring wrong
> but this is fairly consistent at several points on the end of the spar.
> Whatever the reason may be, how bad is this discrepancy? I am worried about
> what this may do at the end of the wing. I am using the corrected nose hole
> not the older incorrect one.
> Any advice or data points to say this is bad, tolerable, insignificant or
> whatever would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Venky
> 173 classic

Don't worry about it. Wait until you start seeing how the canard lines
up, or the keel lines up, or the nose lines up so that the gear retracts
thru the center of the nose, or the whale tail lines up with the wiring
ducts. The center line of a Velocity isn't even a line, it is a curve.

During construction I noticed this happen also. I carefully line up the
spar, the gear legs, the gear camber, trimmed the ends of the legs, put
on the brakes and wheel, put the plane on jack stands and test the
retract. Eveything fine. A year and a half later, after wing and strake
construction, I test go to test the retract and discover this 3/8"
difference only towards to ground, not the nose. I also had to add 3/8"
to the left canard bushing to get the canard to line up with the wing

Carl Hoffman