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REFLECTOR: CS Spar alignment

Not sure if my plane gets up and does a cha-cha at night when no one is
looking but I have suddenly discovered a discrepancy in the distance from
the nose reference hole to the ends of the center section spar of 3/8"
(i.e., the right has to be brought 3/16" closer) which as far as I know did
not exist when it was first glued. At first I thought I was measuring wrong
but this is fairly consistent at several points on the end of the spar.
Whatever the reason may be, how bad is this discrepancy? I am worried about
what this may do at the end of the wing. I am using the corrected nose hole
not the older incorrect one.

Any advice or data points to say this is bad, tolerable, insignificant or
whatever would be appreciated.


173 classic