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REFLECTOR: Nose gear ( Fixed)

Well, the nose gear problem gets more interesting. Using the Faxed pages from
Mark's manual, I discovered that I cannot attain the required dimensions. I
can get the upper bushing to about 7 3/4" up from the triax lay-ups on the
floor with the proper 2-4 degree kickout on the kingpin. The only problem is,
that the gear portion is about 1/2" too far aft at the top (by the bushing)
with the proper (shock sized) spacer hot glued in. In other words, NOT the
required "parallel to the canard bulkhead."  I tried everything to come up
with an answer to this problem ... then I checked this:
   I put the nose gear strut in a vise and made the upper portion plumb with a
smart level.  I then checked the kingpin area and found it to be 3/10 of a
degree AFT of plumb at the bottom.  The manual states this should be between
2-4 degrees Forward of plumb.  Did I get a bad strut, or am I indeed going
nuts. :) I moved the smart level until I had the proper degree of difference
between the two measurements, and this would be about the needed 1/2" to get
the strut parallel to the bulkhead. 
Please let me know any input you may have. I guess I'll not get this done
today, or even this week as I am going on vacation for a week. ( I need it by
now). Thanks for your input. 
Kurt Winker
173 FGE