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REFLECTOR: Manual error ( nose gear)

Yesterday (quite by accident) I discovered an error in my manual.  I called
Mark at V-W. to verify that the nose gear ( FG) was supposed to rest on the
floor, without the nose wheel fork, in order to line it up.  While we were
going through the text, I noticed things didn't match up. My Manual is dated
March of 96, and Mark's, Feb of 97. 
   There were quite a bit of differences in this section ( 9-9) including
different measurements, and a missing figure ( 9-11).  I don't want to give
all the details here, just make it known.  There was no KPC affecting this
area that I received, and I am curious as to what else might be different?  
  Just a head scratcher that I thought I'd pass along in case anyone else is
near that area.  I hope it helps. 
Kurt Winker
173 FGE