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Re: REFLECTOR: Lyco 540 probs

DAlexan424@aol.com wrote:

>  HYTEC45@aol.com
> writes:
> > I used Fire sleeving as used on other fuel-oil lines, however I purchased it
> >  from McMaster-Carr (562-692-5911).  They call it Silicone-Coated Fibergalss
> >  Sleeve Packing.

The old up draft baffling cooling works best for me on the 540.  The mistake I
made was running the exhaust out the top adding gas volume where the cooling air
needed to go.  With the exhaust going out the bottom of the cowl and the fuel
spider on the bottom the engine cools and runs great.  We have not experienced hot
start, excessive ground heating or surging idle problems with this installation
when done correctly.Also key to 540 installation is the oil cooler in the wing
root.  The same size oil cooler (only one) will cool the 540 better in the wing
root better than it will cool a 360 in if it's installed in the nose.  A butterfly
valve can be placed in the top wing skin in the exhaust for particle or total
divergence of oil cooler exhaust air back into the cabin.  The low pressure in the
cabin helps pull the hot air in.  The duct should also be insulated for fire.

Fire sleeve on all fuel AND oil lines is a real good idea.  If you have a turbo
charger consider fire sleeves manditory.