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REFLECTOR: Re: Fresh Air Intake


The leading edge of the an airfoil (or the nose) is an excellent high
pressure place to put a zero drag air inlet.  Jean Prudomme has small oblong
inlets on the leading edge of the strake on the door on his XL.  These feed
vents for the rear passengers.  I plan to do likewise.  Should only need
small inlet area; like 1/2 of a sq. in. or so on each side.

Al Gietzen

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From: Denis Miller <denism@computer.net>
To: Reflector <reflector@awpi.com>
Date: Wednesday, September 23, 1998 8:02 PM
Subject: REFLECTOR: Fresh Air Intake

>I remember seeing a Velocity? at Oshkosh that had small slits (approx. 1/4
>x 1 inch) cut into the leading edge of the strake as the intake for rear
>seat fresh air .  Have any of you guys seen or done this?  Is it working
>I don't recall getting a look at the plumbing but I can handle that once I
>find out if the slits work and are a good idea.
>Thanks in advance for your comments.
>Denis Miller 173FGE