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RE: REFLECTOR: Icing, Instruments

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> Subject: REFLECTOR: Icing, Instruments
> Just curious, I'm trying to do a little panel planning here in
> advance. Has anyone experienced icing conditions in a Velocity?
> If so, comments?

Kirk Lindberg (one of the other Minnesota builders) has picked up ice during
a couple of his IFR flights. His plane is a fixed-gear, standard wing, with
lower winglets. He experienced no significant pitch changes, just steadily
decreasing performance. After accumulating a couple of inches on the canard
leading edge, he could no longer maintain altitude, and had to descend to
warmer air. At no time did the plane seem unstable, or close to stalling,
but he wasn't trying anything fancy either. As I recall (this was a couple
of years ago), the windshield did not ice over.

 - Chuck