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Re: REFLECTOR: Cowel attachment hardware?

Chuck Caldarale wrote:
> > Manual says: "Install cowling with clecos at the firewall." Why not just
> > install nutplates etc., and forget the clecos.
> Because you'll be taking the cowlings on and off a lot, and the clecos are
> easier than dealing with the locking nutplates. I also use wide area washers
> on the prong end of each cleco to prevent damaging the hole in the glass.
>  - Chuck

Thanks all for the response.

How could a forget the many times I spent during the past five weeks
removing and installing my rudders, of course not using locknuts.

Carl Hoffman, Classic Lower Winglets.

P.S. The rudder deflections (std. wing) are 1 15/16" where the rudder is
4" wide, 28 deg. 58 min. I had to cut a 1" hole in the bottom of one
wing, to keep the neopress fitting from getting hung up.