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Re: REFLECTOR: Icing, Instruments

In a message dated 98-09-23 14:21:12 EDT, you write:

<<  is it worth spending the extra $$ on IFR if not able to use except
 in the (best) of IFR conditions. Chris Brock xl-rg
IFR dosen't mean icing.  No aircraft that isn't known-ice approved should be
flown in known ice.  Most of the IFR I use is to get out or into a field
that's below VFR.  As you get more and more IFR time, you learn to find ways
to AVOID the hard stuff.  On the west coast, we get marine layers that are
only 500-1000' thick, but keep the VFR guys down.  I wouldn't think of NOT
having IFR capabilities.  What IS IFR capabilities?  As far as additional
cost, not much for the basics.  Encoder, Vacum insturments,(should already
have anyway) add a Glide Slope to the Nav, and get a audio pannel with Marker
beacons.  Everything else (second nav. DME, ect.) is gravy.