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Re: REFLECTOR: Lyco 540 probs

In a message dated 98-09-22 18:46:05 EDT, you write:

 This may be it, what kind of heat shield sleeving did you use?  Any attempt
 to also provide some air venting through the tpo of the cowl?
I used Fire sleeving as used on other fuel-oil lines, however I purchased it
from McMaster-Carr (562-692-5911).  They call it Silicone-Coated Fibergalss
Sleeve Packing.  I used 1/2" I.D. stuff (pt# 8772K54) however you may be able
to get away with the 3/8" I.D. stuff (pt#8772K52).  It runs about $ 2.5-3ft.
You could cut it into lengths to span the distances between the adele clamps,
or as I did, cover the entire line with the stuff, then use larger adele
clamps to clamp over the sleeve.  Some guys/gals have cut "shark-gill" slits
in the top cowling to disipate heat, but that will mosty help with hot starts.
The Lancair uses a small spring loaded door on the top cowl that opens when
little or no flow is present, then closed when the flow increases, to disipate
heat on the ground.

Hope this helps;