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RE: REFLECTOR: Cowel attachment hardware?

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> Behalf Of Carl Hoffman
> Subject: REFLECTOR: Cowel attachment hardware?
> What size nutplates, screws, washers are used. The only hint is: "Locate
> holes approx. .... Drill holes out at 1/8" and ....".

I don't think it's mentioned anywhere in the manual (old or new), but there
are 40 #8 flathead screws, 40 Tinnerman washers, and 36 (?) #8 nutplates
that came with the kit. These are apparently to be used as the cowling
fasteners. (I mentioned the manual omission to Jeff B. some time ago - don't
know if it's in any later updates than mine.)

> Manual says: "Install cowling with clecos at the firewall." Why not just
> install nutplates etc., and forget the clecos.

Because you'll be taking the cowlings on and off a lot, and the clecos are
easier than dealing with the locking nutplates. I also use wide area washers
on the prong end of each cleco to prevent damaging the hole in the glass.

 - Chuck