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RE: REFLECTOR: Lyco 540 probs

This may be it, what kind of heat shield sleeving did you use?  Any attempt
to also provide some air venting through the tpo of the cowl?


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> I think that allot of close cowled injected engines have a idle
> problem.  I
> know that my Velocity and Lancair surge a little.  I found that
> MY problem was
> due to the injector lines heating up on taxi-back after a flight,
> and boiling
> the fuel in the lines.  There is little flow in them at idle to keep them
> cool.  Remember, we don't have that "fan" blowing cool air over
> the engine and
> injector lines as a tractor does.  When the fuel boils, it can't
> go back into
> the divider, so it spurts into the injector causing a un-even
> flow into the
> induction port, causing a surge in RPM and the accompanying
> "burp".  I covered
> my injector lines with heat-shield sleeving, and that seemed to
> help.  I have
> the 4 into 1 exhaust system, and can't run the lines below the
> engine, which
> also helps allot.
> John, If the motor runs O.K. when cold, but starts this after
> flight, this is
> probably the cause, if it starts from the get-go, then the servo
> could need
> looking at.  If that is the case, and you have tried everything, send the
> servo to Don, at Airflow Performance for a check-up.