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Re: REFLECTOR: Lyco 540 probs

I think that allot of close cowled injected engines have a idle problem.  I
know that my Velocity and Lancair surge a little.  I found that MY problem was
due to the injector lines heating up on taxi-back after a flight, and boiling
the fuel in the lines.  There is little flow in them at idle to keep them
cool.  Remember, we don't have that "fan" blowing cool air over the engine and
injector lines as a tractor does.  When the fuel boils, it can't go back into
the divider, so it spurts into the injector causing a un-even flow into the
induction port, causing a surge in RPM and the accompanying "burp".  I covered
my injector lines with heat-shield sleeving, and that seemed to help.  I have
the 4 into 1 exhaust system, and can't run the lines below the engine, which
also helps allot.  
John, If the motor runs O.K. when cold, but starts this after flight, this is
probably the cause, if it starts from the get-go, then the servo could need
looking at.  If that is the case, and you have tried everything, send the
servo to Don, at Airflow Performance for a check-up.