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REFLECTOR: Lyco 540 probs

I have a consistent problem with the Lyco 540 installed in my XL.  At low
power settings, it surges from 600-1200rpm randomly and roughly with an
apparent cycle of about a second.  At high power, it runs great, very smooth
and all other indications normal.  It has been suggested that it might be
the close confines of the cowl not allowing the engine to cool properly.  I
don't buy it because the guages say it is a cool as a cucumber.  Others say
it is the mixture and I should get it re-calibrated.  This might be, but
adjusting the mixture has no effect.  Still others say it might be the
engine driven fuel pump, but again, the guages say I have excellent fuel
pressure.  The flow meter indicates very smooth flow at higher RPMs, but at
low RPMs the flow obviously changes with the surge.  I can't tell if the
flow change happens before the RPM change or the other way around.

If anyone has experience with this problem or it's possible solution, I
would really appreciate a repsonse.

John Robarge