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Re: REFLECTOR: Whirl Wind Propellers

Venky's Velocity Hangar wrote:
> At 05:50 PM 9/21/98 -0700, you wrote:
> > We just
> >
> >designed a propeller for the Velocity XL and will be delivering it too
> >Velocity West this week. Propeller, spinner, all hardware, and shipping
> >container is $8,550.00
> >Thank you for your inquiry if you have more questions just get a hold of
> 78" diameter for a 3-blade on the Velocity???
> Venky


Whirlwind was not at Oshkosk, that's why the question to Mark.

At Sun-N-Fun, they were developing the 150 model a 3-bladed series
for the O320-O360 engine range. A diameter of 68" could be ordered.

Also a 100 model 2-blade series, in the above range.

The above $8550 did not include a Hartzel governor for $900 used to
$1200 new.

I guess they will get lots of calls tomorrow.

Carl Hoffman

P.S. Why put a wooden propellor on a Velocity when for the cost of a
fast build option or a storm scope or an altitude hold auto pilot you
can have a real prop? I don't have any of these options. I've got a 
simple panel with hand held GPS and Com-Nav for backup. My panel has
"Aux. Input" jack on the stereo intercom for my portable C.D. Player.