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Re: REFLECTOR: Whirl Wind Propellers

Below is part of an e-mail I sent to Dale on Saturday.

Carl Hoffman wrote:
> DAlexan424@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > In a message dated 9/18/98 6:40:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> > hoffman3@erols.com writes:
> >
> I'm interested in the Whirlwind propeller. I asked Mark at the Velocity
> Dinner Oshkosh about in. He didn't know much, but did have one on order
> for an XL with an IO-540. At Sun-N-Fun, Whirlwind said the new smaller
> 150 model they were developing would be half the weight of the MT and
> $3000 cheaper. Does the pusher prop have blades which don't taper at the
> hub, like the MT?
> Carl Hoffman, Std RG Elite, Classic Lower Winglets.