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Re: REFLECTOR: Power supply recommendation

On Mon, 21 Sep 1998 11:06:36 -0400 "Venky's Velocity Hangar"
<velocity@CC1005790-A.VRON1.NJ.HOME.COM> writes:
>Does someone have a recommendation for an inexpensive but GOOD power 
>supply to use in lieu of the battery during construction? What do panel

Here are a couple of PS's to check out.

Techni-Tool (sales 1-610-941-2400 or www.techni-tool.com)
	 B&K model 1682: 	Peak 15 Amps DC continuous 12 Amps DC &
13.8VDC 	+/- .5 volts (The voltage your alternator will be putting
out during normal 		operations!) Binding Posts, overload
warning, current foldback and short 	circuit protection. 110-132
VAC input 60 Hz.
	Benchtop Unit - sorry no L/W/H       15 lbs	
			No.310TE682     $99.00 1 yr warranty

Marlin P. Howe & Assoc., Inc. (sales 1 800-652-6733 Tech & info
	International Power model IHE12-10.2:	10.2 Amps (rated to
50C) @ 12 	volts. +/-.05% regulation, Foldback current limit, no
minimum load for 	regulation, open case design (Ed. note: usually
used in industrial 	applications, this is not your average bench
top PS)
	L) 14" W) 3.2" H)4.87"   10 lbs
				Stk # 8523-PS  $109.72
				Stk # 6648-PS  Overvolt Protector $14.20
Marlin P. Howe & Assoc., Inc.
	Condor SDS140-12:       120VAC input 47-63 Hz. 11.7 Amps @ 12 VDC
		+/-.1%. Open frame Output noise / ripple .3% RMS, remote
sense, over 		voltage and current protection.
	L) 10 1/4" W) 4 3/4" H) 2 1/4"     2.9 lbs
				Stk # 8873-PS  $39.95
My pick would be the first one, the B&K @ $99. Paralleled to a battery,
this will run just about everything in your airplane at the same time
with minimal drain on the battery. Powering things up by itself, it will
handle most instrument panels and radios. With little or no load other
than the battery on the PS, it'll keep the battery charged up just as if
your were charging it with the alternator. The Marlin P. Howe units are
surplus new or reconditioned a lot of times, and even though that is not
bad, they do not come with warranties usually.

I personally have a 13.8V 20 amp PS on my bench, but for what I paid for
it you could buy a couple of AeroElectric units. Not a bargan for most of
you guys. Mine is just like a tool in my tool box...I use it to make
money! (Trust me, it's already paid for itself.)

I think Carl has the right approach, though. $40 bucks for an average to
good battery @ Kmart with a 5-6 amp battery charger and you have about
$80 tied up. Come to think of it, send me $167 ($50 less the Knuckolls!)
and I'll fix ya right up with a good charger and new battery. (And if
you'll go for that, I have some property here in Florida I might interest
you in...just kidding!)

Safe and Speedy Construction


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