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RE: REFLECTOR: B & C Alternator

Consider buying the regulator from Bob Nuckolls
(http://www.aeroelectric.com/Catalog/catalog.html) and include the $75
option for the Voltage Regulator remote temperature sensor.  
Have not gotten that far yet.
Bill Schweitzer
San Jose, Ca

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Eung Tai Kim [SMTP:eungkim@kari.re.kr]
> Sent:	Thursday, September 17, 1998 6:24 PM
> To:	reflector@awpi.com
> Subject:	REFLECTOR: B & C Alternator
> I'm going to purchase a alternator for my 173.
> I'll install  Lycoming IO-360 engine.
> I mostly rely on the Spruce catalog when I choose the parts.
> I'm considering to buy B & C Model L 60 Alternator which weighs 8.5 pounds
> with 60 amps of output.
> It has two options : with Case Mount and with Boss Mount.
> Case Mount is for narrow deck bracket and a little more expensive.
> Do I need Case Mount or Boss Mount for my Velocity?
> The catalog recommends LR-2 linear regulator for L 60 alternator, however,
> there is no LR-2 regulator in the same catalog. They have LR-3 linear
> regulator instead.
> So I think I have to order LR-3 if I buy L 60.
> Won't there be any problems if I install L 60 to IO-360 in 173?
> I'll really appreciate any recommendations and suggestions about
> altenator.
> Thank you for reading this.
> Eung Tai Kim
> KARI, Taejon, South Korea
> 173 FGE