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DAlexan424@aol.com wrote:
> One of the best things that ever happened to the automotive engine was the
> development of the PCV system. The PCV system flushes all of the blow-by gases
> out of the crankcase and routes them into the intake to be burned. This keeps
> the oil fresher from contaminates that bring about babbit bearing wear. I
> don't know if aircraft engines have a PCV system, but as we can pretty much do
> whatever we want, I would be a strong advocate of such a system being
> developed if needed.
> Hope this gets the creative juices giong...
> Dale Alexander
> 173 RGE

Boy, you got my juices giong...

I just picked up my car this evening, having paid $154.68 to have my
PVC system cleaned up. A month ago I started noticing smoke coming out
of the exhaust when I was stopped at a traffic light. 

The mechanic said there was no oil on the dip stick! The PVC valve was
clogged causing the blow-by not to return to the intake manifold.
Because of the high blow-by pressure, the oil finally found it's way out
through the exhaust system, possibly distroying seals, etc.

Bottom line. I may be looking at rebuilding the engine for $1800-2200. 
Maybe even a new Catalytic converter, to pass emission. 

Carl Hoffman