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Re: REFLECTOR: B & C Alternator

Eung Tai Kim wrote:
> I'm going to purchase a alternator for my 173.
> I'll install  Lycoming IO-360 engine.
> I mostly rely on the Spruce catalog when I choose the parts.
> I'm considering to buy B & C Model L 60 Alternator which weighs 8.5 pounds
> with 60 amps of output.
> It has two options : with Case Mount and with Boss Mount.
> Case Mount is for narrow deck bracket and a little more expensive.
> Do I need Case Mount or Boss Mount for my Velocity?
> Eung Tai Kim
> KARI, Taejon, South Korea
> 173 FGE

Is there someone out there who can or has answered this one?

Carl Hoffman, Classic Lower Winglet