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I too initially had problems with the Franklin with an IVO prop.  The 
mag from Atlas was off by almost 30 degrees and I had to adjust the Jeff 
Rose ignition with a meter.  It now runs great, in fact it will 
overspeed on the takeoff roll if I'm not careful.

BTW, I just did a trip from Denver to New Orleans to Tampa to Sebastian 
to Miami and back to Denver.  No problems with either the Franklin 
engine or the IVO prop.  My only complaint is the oil breather is 
allowing too much oil to go overboard.  I bought the cheap Spruce oil 
collector and saw no difference.  I guess I will try to design my own.  
Any suggestians would be welcome.

For those of you with the electric IVO prop I solved my problem with the 
brushes wearing too quickly, by cutting off about 6 coils of the spring 
thus reducing the pressure on the brush.  One set of brushes lasted the 
entire trip with plenty of brush left.  Before reducing the brush 
pressure I was getting about 4 to 5 hours per set.

>From: "Brian K. Michalk" <michalk@sisko.awpi.com>
>Subject: Low RPM's
>To: franklin@sisko.awpi.com, reflector@sisko.awpi.com
>Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 09:18:51 -0500 (CDT)
>Reply-To: reflector@awpi.com
>Andrew Irwin called yesterday.
>He's having a low RPM problem.
>He's using a Franklin 6A350-C1L
>Jeff Rose ignition
>Ma-5 carburetor
>66-76" prop.
>He's getting 2000 RPM on run-up.
>What sort of pitch is everyone else using?
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