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REFLECTOR: Poly-Fiber Coatings

Several months ago there was discussion on the reflector on the merits
of Poly-Fiber Paint and their products of Super Fil, Smooth Prime,
Silver Shield and Flight Gloss.

I just received an updated application manual and am extremely impressed
with their most recent changes. There new manual, which was printed in
August, is available from their web site at

Their changes include the following:

Complete description for painting procedures by roller application along
with the special rollers which they supply at a modest price.

Through discussion on procedures for filler application. This is
something that has always been a mystery to me and they cover the
subject well.

New paint formulas for their Smooth Prime, Silver Shield and Flight
Gloss Products. These paints have all been reformulated with a new resin
that requires the mixing in of a cross linking catalyst prior to
painting. According to the people at Poly-Fiber this makes the paint
harder and more resistant to moisture. These formulas became available
this summer.

Finally, and this was the real suprise, they offered to replace my
unused 2 gallons of paint which I purchased last year with the new
formula paint, all at no charge to me.

That's right, I said those unmistakable words, "NO CHARGE". They
apparently felt strong enough about their product and their reputation
in the industry to offer to replace the unused old formula paint with
the new product. They suggested that I advise my fellow Velocity
builders of the change should they be interested in changing out their
old paint. They said that there is no compatibility problem in painting
over the older paint by mearly sanding first. The new paint apparently
will work better in the roller application process and provide a
stronger more resistant finish.

If your interested, visit the web site or call and ask for Phylis or Jon
Goldenbaum. I must say that I was extremely impressed with their offer
to replace the paint. I felt that their offer was made by a genuine
desire on their part to see to it that I had their best product. In this
day and age it's hard to find this type of product representation.

When the new stuff arrives, I'll try a test application and make my
report back to all of you on the reflector.

Chris Martin
Velocity XL RG