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REFLECTOR: Canard Well

Dear Folks,
What is the deal with the canard well?  I'm attaching the elevators
now(actually yesterday).  Why would we want a well at all?  Why not a
glass shelf to cover the big well constructed to not interfere with the
hinges of course?  If not fiberglass the flexible teflon sheating
reinforced to prevent air flow into the well.  Do we not aspire to
laminar flow here too?   I do not understand why we want air to go into
this well.  HELP me aerodynamically.  Two layers of fine BID would be
flexible and allow upward mobility of the elevators and not interfer
with lower air flow.  I potted my elevators a tad too deep so i'll be
sanding off part of my top overlap to get upward travel anyway so I'm
hip deep in this area anyway. 

I'm also planning a fuel cut off valve (on and OFF) near the pilot from
the sump to valve to gascolator on firewall.  Any suggestions.

Help appreciated.

Rene' Dugas
Cajun Surgeon