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REFLECTOR: 40 hour report N55AJ

Just finished my 40 hours on the airplane.  Oil temps are running at about
85 - 90C, 95 in climb,  and the CHT's are at about 180 - 190C full power
lean.  Speeds are about 155 - 160 knots and I still need the nose wheel
pant and to pitch the prop again.  I am conviced that I would have finished
the hours two weeks ago if it weren't for the LASAR ignition.  I had both
magnetos crap out on me before I hit 25 hours.  It seems to run great now,
but today the warning light came on again and I landed it in Martha's
Vineyard after takeoff because it sounded different running on mags. it
seemed to run fine on the way back home.  I had to install another 9-fin
oil cooler on the firewall which took the oil temps down about 15C - 20C
with a 2" hose and plenum.
        My brakes feel a little weak and I would like to put the LEZ
springs in line so I can get down on them.  I talked with  two guys that
worked on a velocity alot and they said the nyaflow lines work and work
well with the Matco brakes.  So well that they could lock the brakes down
the runway.  Such is not the case with mine.  Supposedly, they never will
feel like a car's pressure, but come on hard.  The guys have tons of
experience with LEZ, VEZ, Cozys etc. and said the brakes on the Velocity
they worked with were the best they had ever seen.  I suppose it is
something to shoot for.  I also talked with a LEZ owner who has had the
Nyaflow lines in for 15 years without problems or replacement.
        Landings are controlled, but I need to practice cross winds. They
are a real bear to handle in this plane so far, but I have patience.   I
put it on a 2500' runway really easily with quite a bit to spare.  If I
could only get those damn brakes to come on hard.
        I have a Performance prop and IO-360.  Prop numbers are not useful
without all wheel pants on, but static is now about 2400.  Climb rates with
two 180 lbs and full fuel are about 1000 fpm.
        I took it down the Hudson River today and it was great. I got
really sick and tired of that lousey 35 NM radius.  I'm looking forward to
doing some long cross-country flying.

Andy Judge