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Re: REFLECTOR: Elevator wells and airflow

In a message dated 9/12/98 8:19:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
rlmaurer@swconnect.net writes:

> Bottom line:  I've heard what's worked well on an EZ is to mix in sand with
>  your paint or primer.  The sand will stand relatively "tall"  off the
>  surface and should do the trick. 
>  Hope this was explained in something close to English!
>  Rich Maurer
>  (still sweating in Abilene)

Hi Rich,

This is pretty much what I had in mind and don't worry about going over my
head. It's so low now anyway!!!

The flow in a port may act differently than over an airfoil as the port can
act to keep the air flow more constrained and laminar whereas the air is freer
to shear from an air foil and tumble. I would think that perhaps because the
elevator well may loosely approximate a "port" as the air flowing through
there what all with the canard forming one side of the "port" and the elevator
forming the other side, the airflow may respond to tricks used to shape and
direct port flow.

Thanks for the tip from the EZ's. It help to reinforce that I haven't
completely lost my memory yet.