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Re: REFLECTOR: Gear down hydraulic pressure.

>     Scott also says that there is nothing wrong with 1000 psi on the down
>side so I am about to forget the problem and move on.  Can any of you add any
>info on this subject?


I don't see anything wrong with that either: while the gear is dropping the
pump happily pumps away and there is no appreicable pressure at all. The
switch setting only comes into play at the end of the cycle, when the
cylinders bottom out. Then the pressure builds up 'till the switch says:

Now, if for any reason the pressure spikes during the cycle, you don't want
the pressure switch to say "stop" because it is set at some low pressure.
Because, if it does, your legs are only halfway down and that would look
funny on touch down, wouldn't it? So, I think a high setting of the
pressure switch is ok.

Just my way of looking at it. Others may look at it differently. I'm always
happy to learn.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland