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REFLECTOR: Gear down hydraulic pressure.

Has anyone checked the gear down hydraulic pressure?  My gear is operating
nicely, but the gear down pressure is 1000 psi, the same as the gear up
pressure.  I found that by adjusting the two screws on top of the switch that
the "turn on" pressure changed, but not the "turn off" pressure.  I called
Scott Swing and we assumed that I had received a switch that was incorrectly
marked and he sent me a new one.  The new switch also turns off at 1000 psi on
the gear down cycle.  I reported this to Scott this morning and he said that
he has never checked the down side pressure so he can't verify the operation
of the switch.
     Scott also says that there is nothing wrong with 1000 psi on the down
side so I am about to forget the problem and move on.  Can any of you add any
info on this subject?

Mel Bina     STD  RG