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REFLECTOR: Fitting windows; another way

I sent this a few days ago; but it seems that I was temporarily off the list
and it got lost in hyperspace.

"A faster way than grinding with a Dremel tool is to use a laminate router,
or other lightweight router (I used my 3/4 hp B&D) with 1/2 or 5/8" dia
square bit.  Set for correct depth; about 1/16+, and Very Carefully cut
along the tape line.

I tried to find a way to use an edge guide or a fence, but finally just
free-handed it.  With intense concentration and not rushing it, I managed a
nice smooth line along the flange line.  Probably just as safe as many
passes with a grinder.

I didn't use any little wood wedges.  Just set the fuselage top so the
window was down and used weights and a couple of clecos where it needed some
extra persuasion.  Needed a couple of weighted braces for the corners of the
windshield.  Use your imagination; whatever works.  Got a nice fit"

Al Gietzen  RGE