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Re: REFLECTOR: From Donald Royer


Support the bottom of your radio stack by installing a 1" x 1/8" extruded
aluminum strap up from the right hand side of the keel. A slight twist
and dog-leg will be required to align it with the inboard side of the
radio stack, but this will provide all of the support you will need to
'stiffen' the panel. 

The first panel that I installed I glassed and screwed in angle aluminum
to the interior side of the fuselage just in front of the windshield. I
then attached angle Al to these and aft to the panel. After several years
and maybe more than a few hard landings (not my plane, one that I helped
build) the attach points gave up. Too much lateral forces on them I

Duane showed me what they did with their first Velocity (described in the
first paragraph) and after more than a few hard landings in several of
the airplanes fitted like this, there has been no signs of structural

Safe and Speedy Construction


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