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Re: REFLECTOR: StrikeFinder Sensor in Canard

Jeff / Jean,

I went to the web page with the graphics regarding the strikefinder
antenna in the canard. I have a few immediate questions that I am sure
have some very simple answers.

1) What provisions are made to remove the canard with the inbedded
antenna cable?
Are you able to disconnect A+ and ground at the indicator connector and
remove the cable at that end? With the cable routed through such a small
hole in the leading edge of the canard, you must have put the antenna
connector end on after you routed the cable.

2) Where the antenna is recessed into the canard end, how much total foam
has to be removed to allow the cable to make it's bend out of the leading
edge toward the antenna, and allow for the antenna connector? I know the
connector / antenna height is  1 1/2" or better and that canard end isn't
much over 2" in height total. It  seems to me that much of the foam in
the end of the canard would have to be removed to facilitate the internal
mounting of the antenna.

Safe and Speedy Construction


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