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Re: REFLECTOR: alternator and vaccum pump

Ken Diebel wrote:
> Well the big day is close at hand here in Louisiana.  We have been working
> for almost 4 years and we are almost  finished.  We need to hear from some
> of you ;who can help us in breaking in our new franklin 220 horse power
> motor and we need to know what type of altenator and vaccum pump to use .
> That is all we need to crank her up.  Any suggestions appreciated.
> Ken Diebel

Ken if you want a top quality alternator that is very light and powerful
take a look at National AirParts Web page at the N100 series of
alternators.  They are not inexpensive but are very well built and come
with everything including the CBs.


You can see my instalation on a Lycoming at:



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