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Re: REFLECTOR: StrikeFinder Sensor in Canard

>Bon Jour, Velocitites,

>After continual static pickup problems with my StrkeFinder, I thought
>I'd find a better place for the Sensor.

Jeff, thanks for relating this and Jean: un grand merci pour une excellente

Couple of questions:

- I am planning to install a Strike Finder and I was thinking to put the
sensor in the nose just above the landing light. Now, I'm aware that the
light draws a lot of current and may spike, but 1. when the light is
shining I'm almost home and probably don't care much about storms any more
and 2. since I have an in rush limiter, any "spikes" are likely to be very
gentle indeed. Jean: did you also try this location?

- When I talked to the Insight rep at Sun 'n Fun, he told me that you need
at least 1 square foot of backplate. This seems to have something to do
with the problem of the 180 deg ambiguity. It sounded like without that
much backplate, the strike finder would be unable to know whether the storm
is in front or behind you, for instance. Any experience yet?

Thanks and best

Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland