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REFLECTOR: Re: Window Installation


Just finished installing one of my rear windows and found your description
of installing your  windows so close to my experience that I felt like I
had written your email!

I started by using a small abrasive cutting disc on my pneumatic die
grinder to cut the initial window ledge but like you found that a shaping
burr (on the same die grinder) worked better if you got it started in
creating the relief before moving in to the edge of the tape that indicates
the edge of the window. After a couple of hours of grinding it is
remarkable how quickly you can move in close to that line. After a couple
of hour so grinding it is just as remarkable how quickly a lapse of
concentration can casue the tool to skip over that line and into the visual
area of the plexiglass! Lesson:    1. use two layers of masking tape (saved
me!) and,                                       2. discontinue and come
back to the job refreshed before you regret it.

Yes it took me several careful hours as well and yes, by the time I was
finished I felt like I was sitting in a sandpit with all the plexiglass
particles that resulted. Yes, the finished result was worth it despite the
time mucking around further sanding the relief to get the window to sit -
without much pressure - in conformance with the existing fuselage shape.
Yes it is possible to do this with a few wooden wedges very lightly
pressing aginst the inside of the window and about a dozen clecos a half
inch off the ledge of the window.

>>Next, with a 40 grit disc (2"dia) on the pneumatic angle grinder I cut the
>notch that would
>>eventually take up the outer skin.

I persisted with my burr but will experiment with my electric sander and 4"
angle grinder for quicker removal of material to create the ledges on the
next rear window and the windscreen.

Thanks very much you to Dave B, Peter B. amnd Simon A. (and others) for
sharing their experiences with what was a minor building query! I guess
when you spend so much time  and concentration looking to get anything like
this right (and nervous you are going to blow it), you then really
appreciate the company of others who have or are chasing the same goal.

Greg Poole (Rearing an infant Std RG Elite down under and now just feeling
like I'm entering the "V. Brotherhood"!)