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Re: REFLECTOR: bubbles on wing and heavy back pressure on stick


In level flight I have no problem getting 29 inches of vacuum. Max speed at
2000 ft is 160 knots at 29 inches at 2600 rpm. There is no restriction in
my intake duct. Also clime out with only me on board in 95 f weather and
3/4 fuel is between 1000 to 1500 ft/minute.
Also I have no problem trimming it for level flight with three on board
with a full load of fuel. Only problem is on climb out. I have replaced the
trim spring with a new one and even added a back up one cut from a steel
saw blade. It takes heavy back pressure to hold it in a climb. What do you
mean by rerigging the trim. 

Thanks Art

> From: Alan Shaw <wingco@iu.net>
> To: reflector@awpi.com; ART DINICOLANTONIO <ADINICK@worldnet.att.net>
> Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: bubbles on wing and heavy back pressure on stick
> Date: Tuesday, September 08, 1998 7:57 AM
> > My velocity 173 FG has three bubbles on the upper surface of the left
> > They range in size from about 1 inch in diameter to approximately 2
> > in diameter. They are 1/16 inch to 1/8 inches high. The plane is
> > and has been flying for 120 hrs. I did not build the plane but bought
> > with 60 hrs on it.  Do I have to repair them and if so what is the best
> > method of repair?
> You should inject resin/slurry into delaminations before they grow.  Wax
> the area, drill 3/32" to 1/8' holes and inject slurry,  put plastic and
> over delam.
> > Next problem. In 95 degree wheather with three on board and a full load
> > fuel
> That's over gross.  Never, never keep or put full fuel in a Velocity
until just
> before a long trip with just one or two people.  In over a decade I've
> seen condensation in these foam insulated tanks.
> > it takes a heavy back pressure on the stick to to lift off and also to
> > clime out.
> Replace and possibly re-rig your trim spring.
> > Max rate of climb with this load is only 500 ft per minute at 30
> > inches of manifold pressure and 2450 RPM. Prop is a 63 inch diameter 72
> > inch pitch two blade from Props Inc.
> Sounds like a real club....even over gross like that you should get 750
> > Cruise at 2000 ft is 153 knots at 2525
> > rpm  and 27 inches pressure.
> At this altitude all these numbers should be a little higher.  The
> doesn't have high IAS but always cruise above 8,000' for economy, safety
> much higher TAS.
> >  Engine is an IO 360 .
> Check the intake duct  is in good condition.  Are you getting 29 in. at
> > Is the heavy back
> > pressure on the stick normal and is the low climb rate normal.
> You should be able to trim it,  let go and see over 1000'/ min.
> Alan