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REFLECTOR: Monitor VS. guages


I'm using Micro-1000 gauges and pyrometers for engine instruments.  The
whole package cost less than $500 including three dual CHT's, two oil
temp's(in & out) and one dual EGT.  They are easy to install, redundant
and easy to scan.
Lighting will be done by mounting one piece of 3/16" plexy behind each
of the right and left sides of the panel and attaching fiber optics.
Two different lighting manifolds will be used each crossing over to both
avionics and engine instrument sides.  If one bulb fails I can turn up
the dimmer and the remaining bulb should work for both sides.

For simple me, the RMI engine monitor was a real pain to get compatible
senders, program and scan.  In flight I had to really stare at it to get
important information.  I turned off all the distracting alarms.   RMI's
encoder is great, especially for performance testing.
I have also installed other very over priced monitors with little bar
graphs.  They are even worse to read in flight.  The 25 degree
increments are hard to decipher and not very useful in de-bugging
cooling problems.
The new bold instruments that present both digital and analogue
information look beautiful and functional but are expensive.