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Re: REFLECTOR: chip detector or mag plug

On Wed, 02 Sep 1998 08:26:05 -0500 bill medsker <bmedsker@netins.net>
>Why doesn't civilian aviation use a chip detector or at least a mag 
>plug in
>the engine oil sump??? Or an engine oil sample analysis every 25 

Good question! First of all, there is nothing that prevents anybody from
using an oil testing program every 25 hours other than the money (vs.
oil) consumed in that process. Normal general aviation procedures dictate
that the oil filter be removed during the oil change, remove the
filtering material, compress the excess oil out of the material (usually
in a vise), then open the material and inspect for any signs of metal.
You would be amazed at how small a metal piece will show up on that

As far as chip detectors and mag plugs, magnetic sump plugs are available
for our engines.

Chip detectors are / were routinely used in military reciprocating
engines for one very simple reason...operating conditions. In fighters
and even most trainers, engines weren't just used, they were abused. More
often than not, on purpose. Maximum performance did not mean cruise
performance power settings. Depending on the engine application, such as
in bombers and fighters, blowers or superchargers were used which
definitely added to the early and unsuspecting demise of an engine. Any
early warning prior to an engine coming apart was an advantage to the

My personal feeling is that with regular oil changes and filter
inspection, you should not have to worry about excessive or catastrophic
engine failure without some prior warning. 

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