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Re: REFLECTOR: bubbles on wing and heavy back pressure on stick


> My velocity 173 FG has three bubbles on the upper surface of the left wing.
> They range in size from about 1 inch in diameter to approximately 2 inches
> in diameter. They are 1/16 inch to 1/8 inches high. The plane is painted
> and has been flying for 120 hrs. I did not build the plane but bought it
> with 60 hrs on it.  Do I have to repair them and if so what is the best
> method of repair?

You should inject resin/slurry into delaminations before they grow.  Wax over
the area, drill 3/32" to 1/8' holes and inject slurry,  put plastic and weight
over delam.

> Next problem. In 95 degree wheather with three on board and a full load of
> fuel

That's over gross.  Never, never keep or put full fuel in a Velocity until just
before a long trip with just one or two people.  In over a decade I've never
seen condensation in these foam insulated tanks.

> it takes a heavy back pressure on the stick to to lift off and also to
> clime out.

Replace and possibly re-rig your trim spring.

> Max rate of climb with this load is only 500 ft per minute at 30
> inches of manifold pressure and 2450 RPM. Prop is a 63 inch diameter 72
> inch pitch two blade from Props Inc.

Sounds like a real club....even over gross like that you should get 750 fpm.

> Cruise at 2000 ft is 153 knots at 2525
> rpm  and 27 inches pressure.

At this altitude all these numbers should be a little higher.  The Velocity
doesn't have high IAS but always cruise above 8,000' for economy, safety and
much higher TAS.

>  Engine is an IO 360 .

Check the intake duct  is in good condition.  Are you getting 29 in. at MSL?

> Is the heavy back
> pressure on the stick normal and is the low climb rate normal.

You should be able to trim it,  let go and see over 1000'/ min.