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Wheel pant problem

I just had the same thing happen to me doing touch and gos.  The nose wheel
pant actually departed the airplane and made a dent in my prop. Luckily It
had to be repitched anyway.  I had to get a new one from the factory and it
is ready to respray.   My original wheel pant was too small for the nose
wheel.  The new one sent to me was much larger (by about 1 1/2 " on each
side.)  It was really easy to make since I had the other as a "template". 
Also, it was in primer (It was a pain in the neck to start from raw glass.)
 My new dimension is about 6 1/2 "

To FG people not flying or those who haven't put it on, make sure there is
adequate clearance or you could hurt your prop or maybe even yourself.

Andy Judge